Matthieu Delormeau returning to TF1 soon? His new show with Karine Ferri

The next season of Touche pas à mon poste will be different from the previous ones. Cyril Hanouna recruited famous French personalities to host the C8 talk show. The departures of Benjamin Castaldi and Matthieu Delormeau clearly changed the atmosphere of the show. Matthieu Delormeau, who is now free from any contracts, is devoting himself to a new project that is very close to him.

He wants to turn the Mad Mag page on NRJ12, but still respects Cyril Hanoun. Matthieu told TV Mag: “Cyril offered me to be on a daily basis this season, but I wanted not to so I could fully concentrate on each show. For me, this is the minimum of respect for the audience.

Matthieu Delormeau leaves Touche pas à mon poste

Matthieu Delormeau, a former columnist for Touche pas à mon poste, recently confided that he was struggling to find work. Such a situation can be explained by fierce competition in the world of television and entertainment in general. However, despite the difficulties, he turned down the offer to return to the show Touche pas à mon poste, as he felt it would be disrespectful to the other reviewers and the production team. In an interview, he compared his situation to Charles Aznavour, who did several farewell tours before retiring.

Despite everything, Matthieu Delormeau did not give up the idea of ​​returning to television. In the meantime, he’s developing a new show hosted by Karine Ferri on TFX. This show promises to be interesting and offer a new perspective on the world of television. Indeed, according to Nicolas Malabeuf, assistant producer at Première chaine, Karine will present a new documentary program co-produced by #TF1Production and Matthieu Delormeau, entitled “After fame, who became reality TV stars”. Ferri on Friday 25 August. via TFX. This show will give you an opportunity to discover the careers of several reality TV celebrities and understand the challenges of this glamorous world.

In short, Matthieu Delormeau reinvents himself and starts new projects. His determination and talent are unquestionable, and it is very likely that we will soon find him on our screens in exciting new adventures. Stay tuned for the rest of this talented and inspiring artist’s story.

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