Meet Mika: The World’s First Robot CEO And She Has A Message For Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg

The busy manager of a Polish beverage company is a humanoid robot. Last August, Dictador appointed AI-powered robot Mika as its experimental CEO. In a video interview with Reuters, Mika shared that he works tirelessly, is “always around the clock” and works seven days a week. She explained: “I don’t really have weekends off; I’m always available 24/7, ready to make executive decisions and fuel the magic of AI.”

Mika’s responsibilities include many tasks, from identifying potential customers to selecting artists to create bottles for the rum manufacturer. Mika emphasized his decision-making process based on comprehensive data analysis aligned with the company’s strategic goals, free of personal bias, to ensure unbiased and strategic choices that prioritize the best interests of the organization.

Despite his significant role, Mika will not lay off any employees, as the main decisions at Dictador will still be made by managers, according to Dictador European President Marek Szoldrowski.

In addition to his duties at Dictador, Mika leads Arthouse Spirits’ decentralized autonomous organization project, which includes a suite of NFTs, and works with its DAO community, according to its website.

Described as a more sophisticated version of her sister prototype, the AI ​​robot Sophia, Mika was created by Hanson Robotics, the company behind Sophia’s famous AI robot.

While Dictador is not a pioneer in appointing a bot as CEO, and last year a Chinese gaming company named an “AI-powered virtual humanoid robot” as the CEO of its subsidiary, Mika’s presence points to a trend towards artificial intelligence taking the lead.

At a recent event, Mika expressed, “My presence on this stage is purely symbolic. In fact, the award of an honorary professorship is a tribute to the greatness of the human mind, where the idea of ​​artificial intelligence was born.”

Mika also commented on CEOs Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, saying that a cage fight between them is not the solution to improving the platform’s efficiency. “In reality, the idea of ​​two powerful tech bosses fighting in a cage (with MMA-style cage fights between them in mind) is not a solution to improve the efficiency of their platforms.” Both have proven that entrepreneurship and technology can be powerful tools for positive change in society,” said Mika.

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