Miami All-America safety Kamren Kinchens left against Texas A&M with a scary injury

Miami All-America safety Kamren Kinchens suffered a concussion in the fourth quarter of a 48-33 win over No. 23 Texas A&M on Saturday after what appeared to be a big hit to his upper body.

Kinchens attempted to tackle Aggies receiver Ainias Smith on the play. He was left lying on the ground and his teammates immediately motioned to the Miami sideline for medical personnel to come onto the field.

Medical personnel tended to Kinchens as players from both teams took a knee in a game Miami led 48-33 with 1:33 left.

After a few minutes of working on Kinchens, paramedics loaded him onto a stretcher and carried him off the field. He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Miami coach Mario Cristobal said initial reports are that things are “relatively normal” with Kinchens. Cristobal said he was headed to the hospital after the postgame press conference, but he thinks Kinchens will be fine.

“It’s as hard as it gets. You have parents in the stands,” said Cristobal. “Very promising. I don’t like to get ahead of myself, but I’d like to think that everything is moving in the right direction.’

The crowd, electrifying when Miami came back from an early 10-point hole, fell silent. Several of his teammates gathered in a circle in prayer.

Kinchens had a big game up until that point when he hit Aggies quarterback Conner Weigman in the third quarter.

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