Michel Bussi, author with millions of books sold, comes to the Salon de Cheux

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This Sunday, November 19, 2023, the 20th Cheux Book Fair is taking place in the village of this town near Caen (Calvados). Children’s books and comics take pride of place at this anniversary event, with Michel Bussi as the guest of honor.

Michel Busi, guest of honor

A big name in the French literary world is this year’s guest of honor at the Salon. Million-selling author Michel Busi will be on hand to meet readers throughout the day. “It has to do with the salon,” emphasizes François-Michel Dupont, head of programming. Yves Jacobs had somehow launched it when it was published by Editions des Falaises, about fifteen years ago.

The writer, whose latest novel Three Lives in a Week came out in the spring of 2023, lives up to the values ​​​​advocated by the Celtic event. “I met him at Bloody Fleury, he is very approachable and charming, always ready to talk to readers,” praises François-Michel Dupont.

New areas explored

For the second year in charge of programming, François-Michel Dupont, himself an author of detective novels, wanted to bring new directions to the show. “I wanted to invite authors of children’s novels and comics. » In the first category, Emilija Bular-Cordo, Danny Debs, Vincent Rafaitanou Serafina Mena will present their latest works. The comics section will feature Caennais Sébastien Corbet and Jean-Blaise Djian, as well as Olivier Merle and Italian illustrator Davide Garota.

François-Michel Dupont, chief adviser on life education, could only highlight authors with a social fiber, such as Martin Le Corre, ATD Quart-Monde activists or Laura Gombault.

Note that the village hall will house two publishing houses: Editions Motus and Editions RN13, “which are doing remarkable work”, according to the exhibition commissioner.

A popular event

Among all the criteria that François-Michel Dupont takes into account when inviting authors from those he wants and those who demand him, one is very important: “they must be nice! », the programmer smiles.

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We care about this popular side. Cheux is not an elite salon. Everyone should feel comfortable there.

Francois Michel Dupont, Cheux book fair programmer

Four nominees for the Queen Mathilde Award

If children’s books or comics take up a larger part this year, the show maintains tradition. First and foremost, the Queen Mathilde Award. This prize is awarded to a novel by a Norman writer or set in Normandy. The jury chaired by Claude Turquet will have to choose between Rodolphe Dange (These Lives We Come From), Pierre Dautelonde (Protégés des Dieux), Gilles Laporte (The Flower with a Golden Heart) and Hérouville Xavier Le Clerc (The Man Without a Title).

Volunteers for nothing

In order to welcome the visitors in the best conditions (last year there were almost a thousand), the organizers rely on a highly motivated team of volunteers. “Cultural life would not be so rich without associations,” says François-Michel Dupont. This collective aspect is very important to us. A lot of people come together to make this event happen, it’s really cool. Celebrating the Salon’s 20th anniversary, volunteers and authors will gather for a good meal at noon on Sunday.

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