MotoGP™ reaches 50 million fans on social media!

MotoGP™ has reached a new milestone: 50 million fans on social and digital platforms! Last season we celebrated 40 million and today a stunning new growth of 25% sees us reach that number as this extraordinary 2023 season builds momentum to its long awaited conclusion.

The path to 50 million is marked by more live and graphical content, as well as modes of interaction and the best of what the championship has to offer. Similar to our on-track experience, MotoGP™ social media aims to bring the sport and riders closer to the fans than ever before, from rider parades engaging with viewers around the world to broadcast channels delivering personalized content directly to each subscriber. On WhatsApp, we send the best news to over four million fans, making MotoGP™ the proud owner of one of the biggest sports channels in the world.

We also put the drivers on the other side of the camera, as one of the grid members acts as a photographer during the parade, creating photo galleries of all kinds, from those that are not artistic but are visually entertaining, to some shots. we are sure it could be accredited by a professional. Fans can also get creative with two new Snapchat AND TikTok filters released over the past two seasons.

Inside the Paddock and Grid Walk are now also available on TikTok and Instagram, allowing fans around the world to go behind the scenes and prepare for the Tissot Sprint and Grand Prix. Beginners can also expand their knowledge with an incredible amount of playlists on YouTube, including technical videos, explainers, historic races and great documentary series. If you’re just getting into our sport, there’s a wealth of content just waiting to be tapped across 10 platforms.

Sponsored content has grown as some of the biggest sports partners get involved in social media. In addition, fans have more challenges and ways to interact, as brands reach an audience of more than 50 million people with high-quality content. These 50 million represent only part of our ecosystem, as MotoGP™ riders, teams and official channels unite a community of more than 120 million people, a truly global audience.

So, from our MotoGP™ podcast listeners and Whatsapp channel devotees to our TikTok remixers and our meme makers on Instagram, thank you everyone! For those of you who don’t already follow us, find out why over 50 million fans do by searching for MotoGP™ on your platform(s) of choice.

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