MPs pass health bill and continue consideration of finance bill: July 25 political news

Nazi salute in the Assembly Chamber: MP Rémy Rebeyrotte (Renaissance) calls for order

Deputy Remy Rebeirot (Renaissance), who performed a Nazi salute for the attention of an elected member of the National Rally (RN) during the session of the National Assembly on July 12, was sanctioned on Monday with a call to respect order, Agence France learned. -Press from the Presidency of the Assembly. His political group’s office is also due to decide on a possible sanction on Monday.

In the vote on the health bill, which was defeated by the majority, “a big guy from the RN stood up doing the Nazi salute” behind the spans, Mr. Rebeirot assured AFP. A Member of Parliament from Saône-et-Loire imitated the gesture by telling him this“you shouldn’t do that”. Marine Le Pen, president of the RN group, had sought a sanction from the presidential majority MP, and far-right MPs had condemned “invention” in this gesture of their supposedly elected bandmate.

Mr. Rebeirot was heard by the President of the Assembly, Yael Braun-Pivet (Renaissance), who decided to call for order, the first level sanction provided for in the institution’s rules. No visual evidence of the RN MP’s Nazi salute was found. If necessary, the two offending MEPs would be sanctioned, which is such a gesture “unacceptable”.

In a statement issued a few days ago, Mr. Rebeirot wrote: “If the gesture with which I undertook to stigmatize an elected member of the FN could offend the conscience, I want to apologize”. “I will never give up the fight against extremism and especially against the extreme right, its attempt to trivialize, its xenophobic, hateful values ​​that divide Europe and French society.”he added.

There have never been so many far-right MPs, as there are 89 MPs in the group. Without compromising the essence of their program, they seek institutional respectability and plan to continue the “demonization” of RNs.

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