Mr. Robot’s principal and a vacation gone wrong

Ethan Hawke and Julia Roberts’ Netflix vacation is about to get worse. Towards the end of the year, the platform increases its releases to make itself indispensable to its users. Amid new series productions, the entertainment giant continues to explore movies. If not all attempts at this genre are successful, some films are definitely worth checking out. The world after us could be one of its good surprises Don’t look up or Glass bulb. After all, its director already has some reputation on the small screen.

Sam Esmail, to whom we owe the brilliant Mr. Robot, tackles the anticipated bestseller. Published in France in 2022, the work written by Rumaan Alam follows the adventures of a couple who decide to spend a few days on vacation with their children. In a beautiful villa that has been recently renovated, they enjoy great weather, a swimming pool and nature. On the second night, the owners knocked on the door. A sudden power and network failure forced them to turn around, they ask their tenants for hospitality. However, living together is more complicated than expected. Are Amanda and Clay safe away from the outside world? Can they trust others?

Depressingly closed door

Admittedly, the trailer is quite tempting. In addition to a cast that also includes Kevin Bacon and Mahershala Ali, this new addition to the platform promises to be packed with twists, action and absurd situations. Because relationships with others are a common thread, The World After Us sounds like a bitter critique of our modern societies.

We’ll have to hope that the imprint of the SVOD giant, which can be felt on each of its releases, hasn’t ruined the director’s work. To find out, go to December 8 on Netflix. Until then, we can expect the discovery of new images on social networks. If the apocalypse movie genre is one of the most prolific, there are few offerings that stand out. At the center of his story, Sam Esmail has perhaps one of the best proposals of the genre, the new technology so dear to the author and director.

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