New challenger and big surprise KCx3!

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Then the first two editions with extraordinary successevent KCORP Xperience reunited with fans a few days later in Paris or, of course, on Twitch. This show aims to mix esports and entertainmentoffering both a very high level of play, but also a much more chilled and relaxed atmosphere nor during the esports league playoffs. And the least we can say is this Karmine does not make fun of his audience and the show promises to be.

Here comes a new challenger!

KCX is starting to become a main event international reach. During the first announcements, Karmine Corp revealed the names of the upcoming team opponents Rocket League And Valorant : G2 esports (RL), LOUD (Valorant, women’s team) and T1 (Valorant). For Valorant, KC chose not the simplest opponents: The T1 men’s team managed to qualify for the 2023 Valorant Champions (world championship) where they made it to the top 12 and KC didn’t get there. In terms of The LOUD women’s team dominates the Brazilian women’s sceneand we must not forget that the men’s team became the world champion in 2022, and took third place in 2023. Therefore, the region cannot be underestimated KCorp players will probably have to outdo themselves to hope to win!

Confrontation with G2’s Rocket League looks even more character-laden. You should know that the G2 RL team is a Team North Americaso she and KC don’t have much base competition since they’re not in the same region. Both teams have been to the last two World Cups and had very similar journeys a year apart (KC path in 2022 is similar to G2 in 2021 and vice versa). Nevertheless, both teams did not haven’t had the chance to play head-to-head in either of the last two World Cups, and this match will symbolically decide between them. Therefore, the RL poster is especially well thought out in this sensebecause it will not only speak to KC and G2 fans but also to all RL fans (not following RL, we’re talking about two teams that finished second in 2022 world championships and top 8 in 2023 ( G2 ) and top 4 in 2023 ( KC )).

A joint photo of the women’s teams KC and LOUD, a beautiful image that captures the spirit of the event

Therefore it was necessary The League of Legends poster matches the other two. The problem with K Corp, the strongest team in the world is not in LoL not present on this day as they are fully preparing for worlds. Therefore, KC decided to search from her best enemies in Europe: Spain. It is clear that the team will inevitably rise to this challenge, and it is A team of heretics who agreed to take up the gauntlet. The team will consist of: Evi (LEC), Bluerzor (LVP), Vetheo (LEC), Flakked (LEC), Marlon (LVP). By the way, Vetheo’s first appearance an event of this nature will once again determine who from France or Spain was the best in LoL 2023. (and even if TH wins, thanks to Vetheo it will be a French difference, because we like the unfairness involved).

Finally it’s on Super Smash Bros. Final that the poster is the most local. THE the young prodigy of KC Kurama will encounter Naetoru (Oplon Team) also Raflow (BMS) and Glutonny (Solary), two of the best current French players. Sure, the poster might come off as less “interesting” than others (but let’s be clear, that’s more because the bar has been set very, very high than because the match isn’t hype), but French Smash fans a show not to be missed under any circumstances!

Cherry on the cake

There will be no KCX not just a show for esports. KC announced yesterday that the Parisian rapper Heuss L’Enfoiré will also take the stage raise the temperature even more during the event. With this announcement, we can say that KCX will be offering food and drinks to fans (figuratively speaking) providing immense entertainment for all viewers.

Unfortunately this latest announcement didn’t just make people happy, because obviously not everyone appreciates Heuss’s music. There was also a rapper the target of a recent dispute, having agreed to hold a concert in Tel Aviv, which was very poorly received considering the current situation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However for other fans, KC is an immediate advantage about announcements that might be made during the event, saying that if they invited one of Moulaga’s song artists, it would reveal that they had the money to go to LEC (reminder: this is fan interpretation, not official information). Regardless, the hype seems to be there.

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