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42 Squadron is in the middle of an “adjustment”.source: jvmag

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Good news for Squadron 42 fans: the game is in the final stages of development. Brand new images have been revealed. And to summarize: they are impressive.

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Star Citizen’s development is anything but a long, calm river. Since the project started more than ten years ago, the space MMO is not yet ready to see the light of day. But that’s not the only adventure fans can look forward to, far from it. In fact, the studio is developing in parallel 42 Squadron, a real campaign with a thousand and one promises.

After a long moment of silence regarding this solo installment, Robert Space Industries finally spoke up this weekend.

First of all, we have the opportunity to discover a very long sequence of videos that highlight the work of developers. Also the chance to discover completely new visuals of the game, and of course it is still as impressive! It is clear that the focus of the show is information about the progress of the project.

42 Squadron is currently entering the final stages of development. Namely, “adjustment” and balancing.

A look at Squadron 42 I Held The Line👇

Video: youtube

Unfortunately, at the moment it is difficult to say how long this period will last. Depending on the state of the game and its duration, we are talking about a few months to more than a year. Most importantly, Squadron 42 is about to arrive, which is great news.

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