Nicolas Patin, captain of the French senior teams: “Pannecière is an excellent lake”

Nicolas Patin (43), a fisherman since early childhood, is the captain of France’s senior carp fishing team. He also has another hat for this meeting, within the organization.

He has 13 world championships

How long have you been a member of the French national team?

2009 and I have been a captain since 2014. This year will be my 13th World Championship, eight of which as captain, knowing there was a break due to Covid. I did the other five as a fisherman.

As the captain, you will be fishing. Is it disappointing?

No. It’s a choice. I’ll have a lot to do, especially since I’m also in the fishing station distribution organization.

What is your role?

Think of the three couples at the edge of the water. I won’t have a cane in my hand, but I know what it’s like for them. There are twelve of us in the team.

We implement our strategy by exchanging ideas. Every couple knows what they have to do.

I define strategic changes, but decisions are made jointly.

Is it an advantage to play at home?

Always. I was here the organizer of the French championships in 2018 and 2022 as the president of the French Sport Fishing Federation in Burgundy-Franscomte. I know the places well.

What can we say about this lake?

He is extraordinary. There is no other like it in Europe. And it is very fishy.

Did the fact that France was selected instead of Russia disrupt the team’s preparation?

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No. We knew pretty early on that this would be our home. We had time to turn around and I even insisted that it was our country that organized.

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Who are the favorite nations in your opinion?

I would cite Ukraine, Croatia and Romania. Defending champions Great Britain are strong but they are not used to this type of lake.

And France?

His chances are very good. We have been fishing this body of water for years. We often compete and train there.

What were the best places in France?

Vice-world champion in 2014 (Italy) and 2019 (South Africa) and third in Hungary in 2017.

How long have you been a fisherman?

Since youth. It’s a family thing. My joy is a puddle, a fish and catching it, whatever its size.

Fishing, especially for carp, is a constant challenge.

It is looking for new techniques. This is exactly why I started competing. There, unlike recreational fishing, you really have to give your best, outdo yourself.

Do you only fish for carp?

No, I do all the fishing. A few weeks ago I was fishing in the sea, as for carp, then it is a fish that I really catch competitively. Fishing can have two aspects.

There are anglers who will hunt the biggest fish, sometimes for a week. And there are others, myself included, who will be satisfied with small-sized fish, but by number.

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