Nintendo is evolving from a video game company to an entertainment company – Nintendo.

Created in in 1889 provided by Fusajirō Yamauchi, Nintendo is basically a small family business specializing in cards Hanafuda. It will have to wait early seventies such that Nintendo eventually became interested in video games and over time became one of the leaders in the sector. But for several years now Nintendo has new ambitions. Nintendo wants to become a major entertainment company like Disney. But for now, despite its efforts, Nintendo still remains a company whose name is primarily associated with video games.

Interview given The Washington Post., Doug BowserPresident Nintendo of America, once again announced the Japanese company’s strategy to become a full-fledged entertainment company, with video games at its core. The idea is to let as many people as possible discover Nintendo IP whether at the cinema, in amusement parks or when organizing large events, eSports or others. Nintendo knows that time cannot be extended and that the competition is tough now. Therefore, Nintendo’s goal is to reach as many people as possible and, most importantly, to keep them “engaged”, whether they are having fun with Nintendo characters on consoles or elsewhere (with LEGO, theme parks). Attraction, in front of a movie, festival, etc.)

This is one of the greatest achievements Nintendo Switch. Not only does the console continue to sell more than six years after its release (and Nintendo also always offers new bundles), but players continue to use it. That’s why we should expect long-term releases of already-released games and new content to keep Nintendo Switch owners playing them.

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