Nintendo, this entertainment company that is finally taking responsibility

Since its founding in 1889, Nintendo has seen a lot of evolution, from making playing cards to some of the most iconic video games in history. Today, according to Nintendo of America director Doug Bowser, the company is turning into a true “entertainment company.” But is it really not?

A rich and varied heritage

To understand Nintendo’s current position, we must first look at its history. We won’t offend you by summarizing in 3 lines what experienced video game historians like Florent Gorges have entire books to explain to us!

Before becoming the video game giant we know today, Nintendo touched on a variety of fields, from toys to love hotels. This ability to adapt and evolve has always been in the company’s DNA.

From video games to more immersive experiences

Today, when we think of Nintendo, names like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda or Pokémon immediately come to mind. These franchises aren’t just video games; they have become cultural phenomena.

Consider another example: Pokémon Go, which has turned the simple act of playing a game into a social and physical experience, taking players out and exploring the real world. With its creations, Nintendo has always placed a certain importance on the social gaming experience: the Wii turned video games into a fun family pastime. The console’s success at home has made the console a must-have even in retirement homes.

From theme parks to merchandise

The opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan and later in Los Angeles is further evidence of Nintendo’s transformation into a major entertainment company.

This immersive theme park allows visitors to experience Nintendo in a whole new way, literally stepping into worlds they’ve previously explored through their screens. We encourage you to visit our FredPN to learn more about the login experience offered to players in the park!

And Nintendo’s range of merchandise, from stuffed animals to clothing, notebooks and pens, shows that the brand’s reach goes beyond gaming consoles. , shows that fans are ready to vocalize their passion for the brand, not your dedicated t-shirt collection will say otherwise!

Current and future film collaborations

The recent collaboration with Illumination for the animated Super Mario Bros. The Movie shows that Nintendo is willing to explore new media, even though Super Mario Bros. was released in 1993. required 20 years of therapy from Nintendo executives.

This foray into the world of cinema is just the beginning, as the phenomenal and refreshing success of the animated film (now available on DVD/Blu-Ray) could be followed by other cinematic and television projects.

And just this weekend, new rumors emerged confirming Nintendo’s desire to make some more forays into the big screen, with a rumored partnership with Universal for a live-action The Legend of Zelda movie.

The future is focused on entertainment

According to Doug Bowser, Nintendo plans to further diversify the entertainment sector. That could mean more cinematic collaborations, new theme parks or expansions, or even forays into entirely new areas for a company that knows how to bring together the best experts for the occasion, like it just did with Universal.

However, Nintendo has not forgotten that its success is also determined by the high quality of video game production: empowering developers to offer the original and disturbing Super Mario Bros. Wonder, allowing Eiji Aonuma’s teams to work for almost 6 years, offering players The Legend of Zelda: Breath of sequel to the Wild, the company knows its margin for error is zero in this type of franchise.

Nintendo is not afraid to try experiments: in recent years Nintendo Labo or Mario Kart Live or even mobile productions, some of which have been suspended for several years after limited success: we do not forget that the public remains alone. the judge of society’s successes and failures.

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