Noel Le Greet kills Cilian in Mbape and balances on the Blues locker room

The FFF boss of the Coupe de France between Nantes and Nice ahead of Saturday’s final, Noel Le Graet returned to a number of topics, including Dezan’s possible succession as coach or Kylian Mbappé’s refusal to take part in certain commercial activities for the French team.. As usual, he is honest and expresses his thoughts. Explanations.

Varane and Lloris are not in solidarity with Mbappé

NLG, although the 23-year-old Paris Saint-Germain striker has made a decision it won’t change the way Blues works from a marketing standpoint : ”In this case, I’m glad I gathered the other players and Hugo Lloris told me, “Don’t change anything.”

There must be perfect equality of bonuses between players. (…) Si Mbappé does not accept the operation, he will not have money, that’s all. Players receive 30% of the FIFA award. Loris is a respectable person. Varan also told me, “President, we don’t want to change.” Kylian, I really like him, but Football is not an individual sport. This media will definitely not please the most successful players and the best passers of the French Championship. And as for Noel Le Grett, he probably would have done better if he had spoken more generally, because he risks destabilizing the locker room. The World Cup is seven months away and France wants to keep its title.

Statements of this kind certainly do no good …

Noel Le Graët wants the Blues to benefit, but he wants to show that he is a leader.

Nothing and no one is above the law. He also mentioned Zidane as the next coach of the French national team, but he now wants to put Didier Deshan in the best position to win a historic double. For him, the winner of the double World Cup in 1998 can still work with Paris Saint-Germain in the coming weeks, so it’s too early to talk about Zizou as a Blues coach.

Internet users respond

Social networks Internet users commented en masse on Noel Le Gray’s remarks. We read on Twitter:

  • ” Interview with Moati’s friend Without much interest because … ”
  • “Since paying € 10 million a year since 2011, Mr 3F President understands that football is not an individual sport?
  • ” I’ve never seen a m * rdeux like a hazelnut. His lawyer and his elders know how to get noticed. III Always “I” do things differently than others! damn it. You always have to be noticed! ”
  • “It’s a collective sport, where we only talk about individuality at the end of each match … What a badger … I can’t wait for new elections …”
  • “How Le Graet could decide for himself what to do for who will be at the helm of the French team. Choosing the Cuban style. Remembering Raimond Domeneh …”
  • ” He makes it clear to Zidane that if he wants a French national team, he shouldn’t take the PSG. So we can look for another coach …


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