Not just Cristiano Ronaldo, but this striker thinks the Saudi league will be the best

2024-01-27 22:55:35

Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Saudi Arabia in 2023 when he transferred from Manchester United to Al-Nassr. Since then, Ronaldo has caught many eyes of the football world for the Saudi Arabian Pro League. The popularity of the league increased significantly after Ronaldo's arrival and led to more stars joining the league.

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Many Ronaldo fans claim that the Portuguese lured many world-class players to join the Saudi Arabian Pro League last summer. Players like Karim Benzema and Neymar left Europe at the top level to join Ronaldo in the league. In his early days in Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo believed in the potential of the league and expressed that it could become competitive. Ronaldo said he could compete with the European leagues in the future and recently said the league is better than the French league. This comment caused a lot of controversy and some did not believe the Portuguese when he said it.

Ronaldo said: “The Saudi league is not worse than the French league.” [Ligue 1]. The Saudi Arabian Pro League is more competitive than Ligue 1; I can say that after a year there. We are already better than the French league.

Ronaldo also spoke about the improvements he needs to make to become the best in the world. The Portuguese says: “There are many factors that go into improving the league. Like I said before, they have a lot of things to improve. But I think that with strong people behind us, we can help change the culture and bad habits of football a little bit. , I think we will reach a point where people in Saudi Arabia will be proud. The investment there is huge. So why not believe it? In Saudi Arabia, even in Dubai, things are changing and the world has changed, so they deserve opportunities.

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AS Roma striker Romelu Lukaku believes Saudi Arabia's Pro League will become the best in two years

Ronaldo is not the only one who believes in the potential of the Saudi Pro League. In Serie A, Roma striker Romelu Lukaku spoke about how the Saudi Arabian championship would have become the best championship in the world in two years. Lukaku says: “In the next two years, I see the Saudi Pro League becoming one of the best in the world, if not the best. Clubs put a lot of effort into bringing the 'big' players here. They are improving a lot. This might be the best race in the world.

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