Omaze is a leading fundraising platform that reflects on the experience of charitable donation to create equal opportunities for all. Omaze organizes amazing prizes such as cars, trips, Home, and experiments to inspire people who dream too much and want to help solve some of the world ‘s most difficult problems. It supports the world’s best charities by running raffles to raise funds for their life-changing work. In 2021The Omaze community raised almost 30 M $ supporting more than 130 charities.

“Throughout my career, I have focused on mission-oriented companies and roles that have enabled me to make a positive impact,” Colman said. “After spending time with the Metu and Omaze team, I am happy to continue the company’s incredible growth and use my knowledge to continue to grow this business while doing good in the world. What the team has created here over the last ten years is remarkable. »

Most recently, Colman worked on Pinterest, where he was Head of Growth and International, responsible for global user growth. While there, he oversaw the growth of products, product operations, localization, product marketing and content partnerships. Scott has also been a board member of Pinterest Europe Limited and Pinterest International Entities.

Prior to Pinterest, Coleman spent more than a decade at Google, where he was responsible for new business development and product partnerships for Google Search and Maps, introducing new products. Asia Pacific, Latin Americaet In Europe. He also set up a fiber optic network business in Africaand launched various new products such as Google Earth Engine. Coleman has developed customer support and sales teams Brazil, Argentina, Inde et United States to make AdSense a multi-billion dollar business.

“Scott is one of the few talents who can go far and deep in technology, products, growth, marketing and more, and I can’t be more excited about Scott joining us,” Paulson said. “He has a reputation as a world-class leader, and his experience helping Google and Pinterest grow internationally will help us prepare for the next phase of global influence. »

Koulman holds a master’s degree in business administration from Wartton School University of Pennsylvania and Phi Beta Kappa graduated University of California, Berkeley with a dual specialization in political economy and Spanish and Portuguese.

About Omaze
Omaze is an online fundraising platform that offers the opportunity to win unique experiences and awards to support non-profit organizations around the world. Through the Omaze platform, the Omaze community has grown more $ 150 million supporting more than 400 charities, ensuring a significant level of awareness of their work. Omaze experiences raises funds for the Charities Aid Foundation America (“CAF America”), a U.S.-registered 501 (c) (3) public charity that then donates, net of experience and costs, to a designated nonprofit. applicable experience. To learn more and donate, please visit

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