one hundred landslides after record breaking

A tropical storm brought the heaviest rainfall in nearly 50 years to the Tokyo region, triggering about 100 landslides, authorities said Saturday. The city of Mobara in Chiba Prefecture recorded 392 millimeters of rain, the highest recorded by the Japan Meteorological Agency since records began in 1976.

These floods come after a week of rain in East Asia. Southern China was hit by record rainfall that flooded the region’s major cities, and Typhoon Haikui uprooted trees and caused flooding in Taiwan.

Deadly rains also hit southern Europe. Climate change is increasing the risk of heavy rainfall around the world because a warmer atmosphere holds more water, scientists say.

Helicopters have been dispatched

in Mobar”the river overflowed near the town hall on Friday and a car driving nearby had to be rescued“, a city representative told AFP. “The water overflowed up to waist height“, he said, adding that the level had largely dropped overnight from Friday to Saturday. Authorities have yet to assess the extent of the damage.

A Chiba prefecture official told AFP the government had sent two helicopters to inspect the damaged areas on Saturday. The heavy rains have caused more than a hundred landslides in the region, reports public broadcaster NHK.

Tropical Storm Yun-yeung disrupted some train services on Friday and left thousands of homes in the Chiba, Ibaraki and Fukushima regions without power.

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