Other illegal suspects come to light as Lewis Hamilton makes business move – F1 news roundup

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With Wednesday being the final day before Mexico City Grand Prix week begins, the focus remained on the aftermath of last weekend’s United States Grand Prix.

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What other drivers may have gone wrong in F1 testing after the US Grand Prix?

Given that two of the four cars tested were illegal after the US GP, there was much talk that perhaps a larger sample of cars should have been studied.

One of those voices was former Williams team principal Peter Windsor, who explained on his YouTube channel why he believes more drivers than just Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc could have been disqualified if the stewards had looked at more cars.

Windsor theorized that drivers who ran long first runs might be most likely to fall foul of the rigorous tests.

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Lewis Hamilton launches new business venture

After teasing a potential new business venture on his social media platforms for the past few days, Lewis Hamilton has finally spilled the beans as he revealed the reveal of the new drinks venture he is involved in.

‘Almave’ is a non-alcoholic spirit created from true blue agave, a plant native to the Americas and the Caribbean, with Hamilton being one of the founders of the new drink.

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Toto Wolff is encouraged to stay focused on the Hamilton/Russell battle

With two drivers under his command having a rivalry on the verge of becoming damaging after their struggles in recent races, team boss Toto Wolff has been asked to remember a key focus in managing his drivers.

Former Benetton team principal Joan Villadelprat explained in an exclusive interview with PlanetF1.com: “As a team principal you have to focus on the hundreds of people you have in the factory. Not with both drivers. You have to think about how a thousand families are fed – that’s your responsibility. So it takes precedence over everything in your life, but not the drivers.”

The Spaniard also revealed that he believes Lewis Hamilton’s hunger for success may no longer be the same as George Russell’s: “Lewis is not slower, but he may be less hungry than what George has,” he said.

“When you’re a seven-time world champion, when you and your friends and family are rich and everyone is rich, you lose that hunger that makes you win. George has it, but Hamilton is also aware of it.”

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Liam Lawson lifts the lid on Red Bull 2024

After stepping down to safety in his role as F1 reserve driver ahead of the 2024 side-track flight, Liam Lawson has spoken about how he feels about watching and what he is focusing on ahead of next year.

“At the moment, because I’ve kind of raced in most championships, even been in F1, I can’t really go to F2 again, it wouldn’t make sense,” he said.

I can’t play Super Formula anymore. It could, but there is less benefit to it. So I think the total focus is on restraint. That means a lot of the simulator, which I think is what helped me get into Formula 1 and adapt to it so quickly. [due to] almost as a reserve for two years.

“So I’ve been doing a lot of simulator work over the last couple of years. That will continue now next year and learning and basically absorbing, being around the best team in F1 at the moment – I’ll sit in all the meetings and learn how they operate.”

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Ferrari is starting the hunt for new motorsport talent

Ferrari’s renowned driver academy has begun the process of vetting some of the upcoming talent to see if any of them have what it takes to join in 2024.

Drivers from the Netherlands, Italy, Chinese Taipei, the Philippines, Brazil and Colombia arrived in Maranello on Tuesday to take part in the Ferrari World Scout Final.

The test will include four days of action at Ferrari’s Fiorano track, where they will be judged not only on their speed, but also on how they handle a race weekend simulation, their ability to learn and their performance curve.

For the test, they will drive a Formula 4 racing car, which will be provided by the Prema team, and will be fitted with Pirelli tires.

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