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The “Expert” Analytical Center has published 2 lists of the best universities in Russia: a ranking by subject of scientific productivity and an index of inventive activity of Russian universities. Perm Polytech has improved its performance in each of them.

The scientific productivity assessment of the “Expert” analytical center has been published since 2016. In 2021 it included 137 Russian universities. Perm Polytech improved its positions in the subject areas “Ecology” and “Materials Science”. The university for the first time entered the sections “Artificial intelligence”, “Fuel” and “Renewable energy” and also increased the indicators in the thematic section “Metallurgy”.

The indicators used in the evaluation are divided into four blocks: “The quality of university growth”, “Demand for scientific activity”, “Scale, sustainability of scientific activity” and a new block “Excellence”. They take into account such indicators as the scale of activity on high-quality scientific articles, the visibility and demand for articles in the Russian and world science field, as well as the ability of the university to publish articles on a wide range of topics in a specific area thematic.

– The key directions for the development of scientific research and development have been identified in the university’s development strategy. There are 5 of them: materials science and engine construction, advanced manufacturing technologies, mineral processing and extraction, nature-like technologies, digital technologies in life sciences. Subject assessments allow us to understand whether we are lagging behind national and global trends or whether we are developing at a faster pace, – says Pavel Volegov, head of the science department at Perm Polytechnic.

The Inventive Activity Index has been published since 2017. In this evaluation, Perm Polytech is noted among the 25 best universities in Russia, has significantly improved its position compared to the previous year. In the field of developing advanced technologies and transitioning to clean and resource-saving energy, the university was included in the top 20 best universities in the country.

In 2021, the indicators for criteria such as number of licenses, patents sold, number of technologies patented abroad, number of foreign patents and share of cited patents increased. The greatest increase occurred in the “Demand” block, the index for the number of patents in collaboration with companies went from 50.7 to 80 (out of 100 possible maximums).

– This year we have set ourselves the task of increasing the indicators for the number of licenses, collaborative patents and the share of cited patents. It is safe to say that we have managed to carry out the plan too much. We have improved the indicators for almost all evaluation criteria, – notes the expert.

The assessment of the inventive step was based on the analysis of the university’s activities in the field of patent developments. The indicators analyzed as part of the rating were divided into three blocks: “Demand”, “Quality” and “Reference conditions”.

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