Pete Townshend says Instagram guitarists need to learn to listen | Entertainment

Pete Townshend called his late bandmates Keith Moon and John Entwistle a “terrible” rhythm section.

The Who's lead and rhythm guitarist admits that the band's drummer, Keith, was a “crazy drummer”, but when he played with bassist John, they were inseparable because they listened to each other.

He told Guitarist magazine: “Keith Moon was a crazy drummer, but he also listened to John Entwistle.

“So they were a very formidable rhythm section.

“And I knew I could play anything and they would follow.

John Entwistle sometimes knew the notes I played before I did!

That's why it's so important to listen. »

Baba O'Riley says that many of the guitarists he follows on Instagram, no matter how good they are at playing, have to work with other people to learn to listen.

Speaking about the late music icon Prince's “flamboyant” shredding, he said: “Prince could shred and often did a really soulful blues number and then go from one blues number to the next. an extraordinary piece.

So it was a bit flashy. Maybe it was just to show he could do it. So I don't know.

“I think it's just a disconnect that happens sometimes.

“And where does it stop with these types of artists, and there are a lot of them on Instagram – one of my favorites is the guy Angel Vivaldi, who's a great, great player, but when he works with other musicians, he makes a difference. He listens to them and integrates. He can play whatever he wants.

“And there are a few others that I follow as well, but a lot of them are just solo musicians who have mastered their craft and become really, really fast.

“So I think they need to integrate into the music world somewhere other than Instagram.” This is a challenge for them. I think that's a challenge right now, like a lot of electronic musicians: they're very isolated and they work alone. »

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