Pierre Bruneau made us grow

“Being informed means being free,” said René Lévesque. Pierre Bruneau, 46, did this essential work cleverly and humanely: informing as many people as possible.

His withdrawal from the air gave everyone a chance to measure how much the man had done. 46 years old. I was 6 years old when he was sitting in a chair and PQ hadn’t taken over power yet.

Up to the maximum number

His career is not just about length, newsletters, fairness or professionalism. Pierre Bruneau’s career is even more remarkable for his significant impact on Quebec society. He did the work of educating and popularizing the colossals by presenting the information, interpreting it, highlighting its collaborators to disperse it.

I urge that the information be made available to the general public. Information enthusiasts run after the news. Radio, television, newspapers devour themselves from various sources. However, this is far from the majority.

There is a need for information for people with a variety of backgrounds, working and limited time available for information. Others have less knowledge of history, politics, or geography. They sincerely want to understand our world, but they want us to promote information.

A little history

Pierre Bruneau arrives at the right place at the right time. In the mid-1970s, television exploded and became known to us as an extremely powerful medium. Television will also become a major player in information.

Télé-Métropole is betting on an offer to the general public, especially for entertainment. It has become a popular channel, but so far has relied little on information. The main information meetings, election evenings were a matter for the state corporation.

When Pierre arrived, Télé-Métropole (which was to become a TVA) began investing in an information service worthy of its name. Pierre calls for recruitment, budget, rigor.

As the Edmonton Oilers dynasty was built around Wayne Gretzky, the TVA News Service was created about Pierre Bruneau. His personality imposed a style close to people, his professionalism a concern for diligent work.

As a result of this push, TVA Nouvelles has become a leader in information. In addition to the usual competition between networks, I maintain the power of democratization.

A few years ago, it was noted with satisfaction and surprise that the TVA and LCN dominated international events such as the American and French elections. Great success. One day I realized it wasn’t so much customer crowding out. Canadian radio loyalists stayed there.

The phenomenon is that a total of more Quebec residents watched these events live. Thousands of new stakeholders, more interested in world issues, wanted to know and understand.

Pierre Bruneau tried to inform as many people as possible. Good luck.

Thank you.

Hubert Gildon

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