Press review: Friday, September 1, 2023

Illustration photo: Congress of French Universities 2023 at the Arab World Institute.

In our universities:
Aix-Marseille : The University of Aix-Marseille is one of the best universities in the world according to the Shanghai 2023 ranking: Read the article from La Provence
Blois : Insa, solid engineering training in Blois: Read the article from The New Republic
Burgundy : Cost, calm, “mini-Paris”… Why do international students choose Dijon? Read the Public Good article
Brest : At the University of Brest, an escape game in the beginning of the school year program for new students: Read the article from Ouest France
French Riviera: Lovely. The University of the Côte d’Azur is ranked among the best in the world: Read the News article
Opal Coast : The University is preparing for the start of the new academic year with new training courses and major projects: Read the article from La Voix du Nord
Grenoble : Grenoble Alpes University is one of the best in France and the world: Read the News article
Upper Alsace : The University of Augsburg is rated quite well in its evaluation report: Read the article from L’Alsace
Meeting : Between stress and discovery, the first start for about 6,000 students at the University of Reunion: Read the article from Réunion 1ère
Lorraine : Health: Pre-entry training for 300 new students: Read the article from L’Est Républicain
Montpellier : 3rd in the world in ecology: how the University of Montpellier stands out in the Shanghai ranking: Read the Midi Libre article
Montpellier : The University of Montpellier remains in the top 200 universities in the world: Read the France Bleu article
Nimes : At the University of Nîmes, Minister Silvia Retalio sits down at the table with academics: Read the Midi Libre article
Nimes : Prospective students at the University of Nîmes register before the official academic year begins: Read the Midi Libre article
Nimes : Sylvie Retailleau: “I have good news for the University of Nimes! » : Read the article from Objectif Gard
New Caledonia : Le P’tit campus: combining studies and parental responsibilities at university: Read the article from New Caledonia 1
Orleans : Greece, Germany, Lithuania: The University of Orléans launches its first European master’s program where students will change countries every six months: Read the La Rep article
Paris : Shanghai ranking: Paris-Saclay among the top 15 universities in the world: Read the BFM article
reindeer : a university among the top 500 universities in the world in the Shanghai ranking : Read the 20 minute article
reindeer : University of Rennes-2 decides to suspend its account X (former Twitter): Read the 20 minute article
Reims : Behind the scenes at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Champagne-Ardenne in Reims: Read the Union article
Strasbourg : Unistra, “Simple as hello” back to school: Read the DNA article
Strasbourg : A researcher from Strasbourg received a prestigious European scholarship: Read the DNA article
Toulouse : A clone of E.coli bacteria suspected of exacerbating urinary tract infections discovered in Toulouse: Read the article from La Dépêche
Towers : facing the cost of starting the school year, steps to help students: Read the article from The New Republic

Tweet of the week:

2023-2024 annual budget: Sylvie Retailleau calls on universities to make efforts to: Read the Educpros article


The creation of a university degree in sociology for police officers sparked unexpected enthusiasm: Read the World article

Shanghai rating:

Shanghai 2023 ranking: four French universities in the top 100: Read JDD’s article
Shanghai Ranking 2023: French universities progress again: Read the Figaro article
“The Shanghai ranking is not a strategic compass for us”: Estelle Iacona details Paris-Saclay’s strengths: Read the Figaro article
Shanghai 2023 ranking: France’s University Paris-Saclay returns to top 15: Read the World article

Student life:

The cost of returning to university, rising by 4.7%, will exceed €3,000 in September, warns La Fage: Read the France Info article

By submitting information to the AEF, reproduced with their kind permission:
“The imbalance between project funding and long-term funding has reached its limits” (Guillaume Gellé): Read the post
Budget: in 2023 and 2024 “there will be no miracle, the compensation will be partial” (Sylvie Retailleau): Read the post
For Nathalie Drach-Temam AEF: “Recurring SHS funding is indeed below needs”: Read the post

News Tank premium and research articles republished with their kind permission:

Scholarships: “A real repair of the necessary system” (G. Gellé at the Congress of French Universities): Read the dispatch
Tuition, Parcoursup, My Masters and Student Life: S. Retailleau’s Guide to French Universities: Read Referral
“Simplification, an extremely important issue to free research” (G. Gellé in Nantes): Read the dispatch

Picture of the week:
2023 Congress of French Universities at the Arab World Institute. Office of France Universités, Sylvie Retailleau and students of the European Student Assembly.

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