Raksha Bandhan 2023: The Impact of Technology on Virtual Rakhi Celebrations!

RAKSHA BANDHAN 2023: In today’s digital world, technology allows us to talk, play and even celebrate special days in new and exciting ways. People are using technology to make their holidays even more fun and connected. As Raksha Bandhan is on the way, people are gearing up for virtual celebrations. They will use computers and phones to be together even when we are apart. Siblings who may be far away can arrange special online meetings. They can see each other’s faces, smile and even talk as if they were in the same room. It’s like a magical window on a screen that brings families together.

People are using technology to make their holidays even more fun and connected. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Even more interesting is the fact that brothers can send gifts to their sisters online. No need to travel to the store or stand in lines. With just a few taps, brothers can choose special gifts and send them directly to their sisters. On the other hand, sisters can email rakhis to his brothers. These rakhis may not be made of thread, but they carry the same love and protection.

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And guess what? Every cute moment of Raksha Bandhan is now shared on social media. People display their colorful rakhis, beautiful gifts and the fun they have during the Raksha Bandana.

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  • In the traditional celebration, sisters would visit their brothers to tie rakhis on their wrists, and the brothers would give thoughtful gifts as a sign of protection. However, in cases of long distances, this cherished day was often left uncelebrated due to separation.

    But now, in 2023, Raksha Bandhan is not all about tying rakhis and giving gifts face to face. It’s about using technology to make these special connections even stronger. Even if we are not in the same place, we can still feel close and share love. Technology has brought new ways to celebrate, but the feelings remain just as warm.

    first published: in 2023 August 28, 08:20 IST

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