‘Revolution’: Madini comes out of her shell

Madini is expected to be destabilized for the incredible duets stage on Sunday at Revolution, and that’s exactly what he experienced with Gabriel Boudreau. The duo were tasked with creating an isolation themed number and it’s safe to say their hard work and talent paid off. They finished with the highest marks of the evening.

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The topic of isolation was initially interesting for both dancers. “We sat down, we implemented our ideas based on everyone’s definition of isolation,” Madini explained. I thought it was interesting to develop two different settings, each isolated in their own world, before we met in the middle… and from that we started to build a sequel.

Gabrielle then brought up the idea of ​​sloping floors, which had never been seen before on the show. Madini says that this action took her completely out of her usual comfort zone.

Photo courtesy of OSA Images

“In the beginning, it was difficult for me to find my place there. I don’t come from the modern world at all, nor have I been trained in this style. So it was difficult. Gabriela is brilliant, but to be honest, I couldn’t adapt. I was trying new things and had to learn quickly. But I also surprised myself. I was able to take on this challenge and see it through.

Their revolution, in which Madini appears to run on the back of a chair, wasn’t as difficult for the 30-year-old dancer as you might think.

Photo courtesy of OSA Images

“I really didn’t expect to get it, but when I saw that the chair was durable, I went for it. The more I revolutionized, the more I found the right position, and I am very proud of the result.

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