Romain Ntamak competes in the Vélodrome of France and Namibia

He is not one of the thirty-three France players playing at the World Cup, but he is still close to the Blues. Romain Ntamak, who was forced to withdraw from the competition last month after suffering a ruptured cruciate ligament in his left knee, is at the Vélodrome on Thursday evening for the France-Namibia match.

The Toulouse starter took the opportunity to give reassuring news about his health, undergoing surgery on August 31. “It’s been exactly three weeks (since he had the operation), everything is going well, the surgeon is happy with the progress of the knee, I’m taking my time doing things, but everything is going well.”he assured at France 2’s microphone.

“It definitely seems strange, but at the same time I’m glad to be here”

The player also spoke about his emotions at finding the French team: “It’s definitely strange, but at the same time I’m happy to be here, I have a lot of friends, real friends in this team. I had the opportunity to come and see him, it’s not very far, I didn’t have to take a plane, it’s better for the knee. And that makes me happy. I’d rather would have been with them, but coming to see them in the dressing room will be good for me. I wanted to see them in person to show my support and smell the pitch.”

Ntamak also stated that he was in close contact with Fabien Galtier: “He asked me many things when I got injured. In particular he asked me to give him two or three reports (the game), it also makes me feel useful, I try to give him accurate reports. »

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