Roy Stewart's concert in Kaohsiung has been cancelled. Chen Qimai also wanted to see it and regretted it | Entertainment | Central news agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Hong Xuegang, Kaohsiung, 9.) Famous British singer Rod Stewart's concert in Kaohsiung was canceled for some reason. Mayor Chen Qimai said today that the city government received a notice from the organizer to cancel the performance due to force majeure. It's really, really serious, too bad because I really want to see it too.

Stewart will be on his Live in Concert, One Last Time tour, which is scheduled to kick off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on March 4, before traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, Kaohsiung, Manila, the Philippines, Hong Kong and other locations. the concert will take place on March 9. The Kaohsiung Dome will take place at the Kaohsiung Arena, but Taiwanese promoter Imagination announced a refund policy yesterday, saying that due to force majeure, the concert at Los Stewart Arena in Kaohsiung has unfortunately been confirmed to be cancelled.

In the morning, Chen Qimai visited the ordinary police officers who took care of public safety on New Year's Eve, in a joint interview with the media, he said that the city government received a notice from the organizer stating that due to force majeure, Luo Shiduhua canceled the 5-stop Asian tour, it was very unfortunate because and he wanted to see him. He is everyone's idol and I look forward to coming back to Taiwan in the future.

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Chen Qimai also mentioned that there will be three large-scale performances in Kaohsiung in March, including Mayday, Dagang Opening and Cherry Blossom Season. The performances are also very exciting. Large groups will also arrive later this year. Of course, we also hope that some tourist groups will be able to come to Taiwan, and Kaohsiung will definitely be ready.

Also, regarding the fact that Yellow Little Duck will also be on “holiday” on New Year's Eve today, Chen Qimai said that Yellow Little Duck's staff are not in good health, and they are giving everyone a break during the New Year. Everyone stays at home. and gives Little Duck the day off. (Editor: Guan Zhongwei) 1130209

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