Rugby: thanks to the effect of the World Cup, clubs are a hit in Byrne

Green and white shirt from the Paloise section on the back, Adrien left basketball for rugby this year. He’s 9 years old, and when we ask him who his new idols are, he doesn’t hesitate: “Antoine Dupont, my favorite player, Tomas Ramos, Demian Penault… I like when they run fast and shoot well.

Five-year-old Leon’s mother came to watch her son practice. He has been registered since September and has followed all the matches of the French national team. “He tried to think of technical words while watching some games, she laughed. He gets choked up when he learns the names of the French team playersadds the mother. We’ll have to see if it holds up over time, but I think it’s a pretty good start.

Risk of lack of supervisory staff

Responsible for their supervision, Maxim Ebel hopes to continue to host them all. “The risk of this World Cup impact and the registration of many players is that we also need people to come and monitor them, he worries. These volunteers are essential to “the little ones are in the best possible conditions to have fun and enjoy our club“, he continues.

9-year-old Matias was won by the oval ball five years ago. It is clear to him that rugby is the best sport: “It’s already a team sport because you make a lot of friends. Then I like it because there is contact and because there is the right to play with the arm and the leg“. Pau Division Rugby School currently has 180 members.

Emma Jacob


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