Russia claims it prevented a Ukrainian drone attack on a nuclear power plant – World

MOSCOW: Moscow said on Friday it had intercepted a Ukrainian drone attack on a nuclear power plant in Russia’s border region, adding that the facility was not damaged.

Both Kiev and Moscow attempt to carry out dozens of nighttime drone strikes each week to hit targets behind the front lines.

“26. on October evening, the attack of three enemy drones on the Kursk nuclear power plant was stopped. This did not affect the operation of the station,” the press service of the Kursk nuclear power plant, which is close to Russia’s border with Ukraine, wrote in a statement on social networks.

The radiation level around the plant was normal, and the generators were working, he added.

The Russian Defense Ministry said late Thursday that its air defense forces had intercepted a Ukrainian drone over the Kursk region, but did not mention the nuclear power plant.

Zelensky says Russia is planning “dangerous provocations” at the nuclear power plant

The Ukrainian Air Force announced on Friday morning that it shot down five Russian drones overnight.

Interior Minister Igor Klymenko said eight firefighters were injured in a rocket attack on a fire station in the city of Izyum in Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region.

Ukrainian officials also reported shelling in the southern Mykolaiv region and drone attacks on the Kherson frontline region.

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