Russian expectations for the economy turned out to be lower than in the 1990s

“A new reality is approaching – insecurity, causing a new wave of fears and pessimism among the population of the earth,” – Responded to the results of the study, the chairman of the research group “Romir” Andrei Milekhin, referring to the coronavirus pandemic and its associated economic difficulties.

According to Gallup, 11% of respondents expect financial prosperity in 2022 and 53% expect economic hardship. The index of economic hope is calculated as the difference between the first and second indicator. So it turned out to be minus 42%.

Now the index of economic hope in Russia is lower than during the financial crises of 1998 and 2008. In 1998 the index was minus 41 pp, in 2008 – minus 39 pp. In 1998, Russia failed to meet its government obligations, in 2008 it faced a global financial crisis.

41,000 people from 44 countries of the world took part in Gallup International’s global poll. In Russia, the research was conducted by the Romir Research Center.

Analysts previously mentioned conditions that could hinder global economic growth in 2022. Among such risks, Bloomberg called a new strain of the coronavirus “omicron,” a possible military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, an economic downturn in China and a sharp rise in inflation.

Photo: Pxhere, CC0

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