Sad news for Gérald de Palmas fans

With a heavy heart, Gérald de Palma had to make an announcement that would not upset his most loyal audience. In spite of himself, finding himself in a situation that he solves”uninhabited“, the singer revealed that he was forced to decide to end his career.

For 30 years, Gérald de Palmas has won over fans of French songs and folk rock with his unique style and instantly recognizable voice. But that career seems to be coming to an end. A few days ago, the artist who is about to release a new album titled Under the bright sun, revealed on his Instagram account that it will be his last. And the reason that prompted him to make this radical decision, unfortunately, is far from the star’s whim.

In the video, Gérald De Palma announces the end of his career

Filmed in the green of its vegetation”native island“, on the island of Reunion, Gérald De Palmas announced that he was suffering from a terrible disease that deprived him of the gift that made him famous: singing.recurring voice problem“who sinks it”in a constant state of uncertainty“. He adds:

“I never know from one day to the next what the state of my voice will be. Recording is possible because I can choose when I’m at my best, but not for touring or promotion. C “It’s quite unbearable and I see that I’m forced to end my career, at least in this form”.

Despite everything, the performer should continue to work in the field of music, but not as a singer. Everything is fine, I am happy with my career. I had a great career“, he clarified to reassure his fans before confirming that it was a health issue.does not prevent him from working for others, from time to time to record something“. Therefore, we can expect him to sign new texts that excite others, e.g Marriedwritten by Johnny Hallyday.

Gérald de Palma, who celebrated his 56th birthday on October 14, will still return to the stores in 2023. November 10 Under the bright sunhis eighth and likely final album.

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