Saint-Affrique hospital: “constructive” crisis meeting after closing two departments

This follows the announced closure of 30 medical care and rehabilitation beds and 11 geriatric medicine beds.

Last Tuesday, a meeting of the medical-geriatric center was held at the center of the Emil-Borel Hospital. During it, a decision was made to temporarily close 30 beds in the Medical Care and Rehabilitation (SMR) department and 11 beds in the geriatric medicine department from Monday, November 13. And this is due to the lack of doctors.

Also a week ago, Mayor Sebastien David, also the president of the hospital’s supervisory board, convened a crisis meeting at the hospital “so that everyone can take a step to unblock the situation. The situation we find ourselves in cannot be the result of a difference in practitioner pay. » The crisis meeting took place on Monday morning and lasted two and a half hours.

“Today we stop taking”

“It was a meeting with all the main actors of the hospital, doctors, Sebastien David, managers, representatives of the administration and staff, about twenty people,” comments Benoît Durand, interim director of Millau and Saint-Affrique. Everyone has the same goal of admitting patients to the hospital. We discussed and exchanged a lot in search of sustainable solutions. We all mentioned the options we are working on to offer doctors a solution that will allow us to admit patients back into beds that are not yet closed. We are closing admissions today. »

For CGT representative Régine Sauveplane, “the atmosphere was quite tense because nobody is happy with the current situation. Everyone is proactive and looking for solutions to reopen beds as soon as possible and in the best possible conditions for patients. Nothing built came out of this first meeting. The others will follow. »

“Take a step towards the other”

To Sébastien David, each stakeholder expressed: “The exercise consisted of everyone taking a step towards the other and providing a small solution. A new organization of on-call and security at the medical-geriatric center is being explored to see if it is administratively feasible. This would make it possible to admit doctors coming from outside the European Economic Community, as well as trainees acting as doctors. Something that is currently impossible.

The second element is that we are no longer talking about closing beds, but we are temporarily stopping new admissions. This allows hospital staff to continue their work. All these adjustments are important. Because otherwise it can affect access to the emergency department. I thank each of the main characters around the table, doctors and non-doctors alike, for stepping up against each other. The public health service at the Emil-Borel Hospital center has grown. »

The deputy director at two hospitals in Millau and Saint-Affrique took up her post last week. Her name is Sabrina Beldoiantz. She is in charge of administrative, legal affairs and communication.

Closed meeting between doctors

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, the president of the founding medical commission, Dr. Ibrahim Taleb, confirmed that no decision was made at the crisis meeting: “Everyone gave their opinion, but the decision to reopen the SMR was not made due to the shortage. consensus among doctors and administration. I asked my three geriatrician colleagues to meet behind closed doors this Tuesday morning to try to find a solution with them. »

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