Samuel Etienne, it’s over: bad news has arrived!

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Wednesday, 2023 On May 31, Le Parisien revealed the departure of Samuel Étienne from the morning show of France Info. This announcement marks a turning point in the career of the famous animator. Please note that the latter since 2017 hosts a daily program called “Questions for the Champion”. Therefore, a new era begins for this flagship program. Details!

Samuel Étienne: a unique journalist!

Terrible news has just arrived! Samuel Étienne has decided to leave his position as morning presenter of French News at the end of the season. Information confirmed by our colleagues from a Parisian and from Puremedia.

Samuel Étienne reportedly resigned from the management of France Télévisions a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, even though he is leaving 27, the TV presenter will continue to play a role in the civil service.

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Therefore, Samuel Étienne is not ready to give up the daily game Questions for the champion in France 3. Please note that he has held this position for more than 5 years. His involvement in this iconic game is a testament to his continued commitment to providing viewers with a good entertainment time.

However, this initiative will definitely lead to significant changes in the presenter’s career. One thing is for sure, there will be room for him when he leaves in the morning new perspectives !

An unexpected decision!

Samuel Étienne’s choice to leave France Info is a testament to his desire to find a calmer balance in life. After managing busy schedules for several years, he made this decision to preserve his health. And above all, he wanted to find a more stable routine.

Alongside his television career, Samuel Étienne has also invested in the world of social media to jerk. Through this platform, the animator continues to share and engage with his community as of 2020. December.!

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Having bowed out in the morning, Samuel Etienne leaves behind a lot of experience. And above all, the legacy of the media landscape! However, his social media presence will allow him to stay in touch with his audience.

So viewers will be able to continue follow the development of careers and projects by Samuel Etienne. The latter will keep in touch with his followers. And on the contraryhis fans will also always support him.

Who will replace Samuel Etienne?

The public audiovisual group has not yet named a successor to Samuel Étienne as head of the France Info morning show. This departure nevertheless offers a possibility for the channel to reposition itself and strengthen its presence.

According to our sources, the management plans to introduce the revised programming schedule as early as September. And this with significant changes aimed at catching up with its competitors.

The latest audience figures reveal that France Info is still going strong Last position. It is among the four permanent news channels in France. So BFMTV (2.9%), LCI (2.2%) and CNews (2.2%) lead the way!

Therefore, major changes are planned to improve its performance and attract a wider audience. Case required!

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