Selena Gomez is very close to Taylor Swift in these new photos!

Selena Gomez is still close to her best friend Taylor Swift. She posts new photos on her Instagram account.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have been best friends for years. An iconic duo that everyone loves. And the young woman just posted a new photo with her boyfriend. And the photo is very beautiful. We will tell you more.

Selena Gomez shares a photo with Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez has been friends with Taylor Swift for a very long time. And their friendship is still as beautiful. In addition, the singer has just posted a photo with her best friend on Instagram. And again, both women show their complicity.

Already in July, the young woman posted several photos with her friends the closest. And in it we saw Taylor Swift again. Proof that despite their busy schedules, friends meet.

It must be said that not long ago, Taylor Swift expressed her pride in the release from the new single by selena gomez. ” Soon lonely » was a real success. The young woman also explained that an album will be released. And there would be no sad songs.

She posted a story on Instagram that said: “ When your best friend is the best“. So we can clearly feel the pride between the two women. The last photo shows a selfie of the two very complacent friends.

The two are in front of the sea, without makeup, having dinner alone. They then take the opportunity to capture the moment with a small photograph. And we feel lots of love in this photo.

Friends still as united

In the caption, Selena Gomez writes: “She’s my best friend and destroys everything“. So we feel all his love for the young singer. The two artists continue to meet and spend beautiful moments together.

Not long ago, the two friends were at the MTV Video Music Awards. And the singer published a photo with Taylor Swift in her story. She then wrote: “She’s gorgeous, I look constipated,” before adding: “Typical.”

But Selena Gomez still looked amazing in her red dress that fit her like a glove. Taylor Swift had a hit tonight. Indeed, out of 10 nominations, she won 8 awards. A great feat.

Anyway, after a short absence, Selena returns to the forefront with the upcoming album. But for now, the latter is not finished. On the other hand, Taylor Swift continues to perform concerts all over the world.

Tickets for his concerts are sold out. In France, you even had to drag to hope for a place on one of the dates in France. Not easy! But between two concerts, Selena Gomez and her boyfriend manage to meet and spend a date together.

Like there, in front of the sea.. We don’t know if they were on a vacation weekend or if it was just a little evening. But either way, we feel the love between the two. Nice story!

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