“Several scenarios for women”: Michèle Bernier rages

In the columns Tele-Leisure, Michèle Bernier talks about the many dictates of women in the world of entertainment. For the actress, female roles are still limited and the cult of thinness is still de rigueur.

Many people have talked about sexism in film and the various difficulties they faced during their careers. From Sophie Marceau to Laure Calamy via Diane Kruger, several actresses I regret having it experienced gender discrimination during their journey. When it comes to pay inequality, too limited roles or have an unhealthy view of their appearance, there are many bad experiences. Some, like Cécile Cassel aka HollySiz or Emily Ratajkowski, even go so far as to give up your dream of comEdit.

Talked Tele-Leisure, Michelle Bernier is no exception. In the media columns as well as on his show Long live tomorrow! in 2023 June 17, broadcast on C8, the actress, who has been active since the early 1980s, condemns youth (privileged youth), dictates a lot imposed on women in the entertainment world, tooa major lack of representation of them on the screen. For a sworn member Mask singerfemale characters are still particularly limited and imposing on their interpreters to maintain eternal youth And flawless line.

“The role of a teenage mother to the role of a grandmother”

“I’m lucky: I like it I was never perceived as a “colorful” woman who turned boys’ headsI got the impression that I’m aging less in my profession”“, she says first. Charlotte Gaccio’s mother continues: “It’s more difficult for beauty canons who are told in their 50s that men will no longer fight for them!” Very quickly, we move from the role of a teenage mother to a grandmother. Among them are several scripts written for women. Although, speaking of men, who cares! They can grow old and grow: we always write to them.”

Also, someone who constantly protests against the cult of thinness points out: “I would still like to be a kind and grateful woman, even if 36 doesn’t fit me! Being skinny or thin to be happy is a false idea of ​​happiness. We got a little angry about that complexing and making women feel guilty”. Michelle Bernier time for emancipation.

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