Shelling leaves six dead in Russian-occupied city: Moscow – World

MOSCOW: Ukrainian shelling has killed six people and wounded nearly a dozen in the eastern city of Donetsk, which is controlled by Russian forces, a senior official named by Moscow said on Tuesday.

Donetsk has been controlled by Russian forces since 2014, and authorities regularly accuse Ukraine of carrying out deadly attacks on the city, claims that cannot be independently verified.

“Six people were killed and 11 wounded. Medical aid is provided to all the wounded,” announced Denis Pušilin, head of the Kremlin-backed region, on social media.

Ukrainian forces are shelling a village in Russia’s Bryansk region

He said Ukrainian forces fired long-range missiles provided by the United States last year, hitting “civilian infrastructure” and official buildings.

Donetsk’s mayor, who is backed by the Kremlin, said earlier that a building linked to the Labor and Social Protection Service had been hit, killing six.

Russian occupation authorities released pictures showing emergency services at the scene of a building whose roof had collapsed and was surrounded by rubble.

The Kremlin claimed it had annexed the industrial region of Donetsk last year, along with three other Ukrainian regions not fully controlled by Moscow’s forces.

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