Southern Miss School of Leadership professor speaks at SICET’s 20th anniversary conference

Thursday, 10/26/2023 – 11:31 a.m | Author: Dena Temple

Dr. Shuyan Wang, professor of instructional technology and design at the University of Southern Mississippi’s School of Leadership, recently delivered the keynote address at a luncheon at the SICET conference in Orlando, celebrating the conference’s 20th anniversary.

SICET, the International Society for Chinese Educational Technology, is a non-political, non-profit academic organization affiliated with AECT, the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. The purpose of the organization is to promote academic cooperation and support among Chinese researchers and experts in the field of educational technology.

SICET’s mission is to establish and strengthen international academic relations in the field of educational technologies for teaching and learning and to promote the application of educational technologies worldwide.

Dr. Wang was president of SICET from 2007 to 2010. Her luncheon speech detailed SICET’s journey, highlighting its achievements in research and international collaboration.

“I am proud to be a part of SICET and was humbled to be asked to speak at their 20th anniversary luncheon,” said Dr. Wang. “Cooperation between international researchers in the field of educational technology is driving innovation both in China and around the world.”

The conference also honored USM alumnus Hengtao Tang, who in 2012 with a master’s degree in instructional technology and design and a dual Ph.D. from Penn State University. The AECT Board presented Dr. Tang with the prestigious Special Service Award in recognition of his extraordinary dedication to the field of educational technology.

Dr. Wang has taught instructional technology and design at Southern Miss since 2004. Instructional technology is an interdisciplinary field that offers students technology-based skills to enhance the workplace and create instructional materials and programs.

Dr. Heather Annulis, Director of the School of Leadership, congratulated Dr. Wang on her achievements at SICET.

“Dr. Wang continues to represent the School of Leadership through exceptional service and research through her involvement with SICET. Her commitment to the organization’s mission enhances USM students’ experiences with instructional technology and design.

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