Starzplay buys Tokyo Vice from HBO Max; DAZN hires keys in Europe; Vice’s Flight MH370 Doc sold out – Mip TV shorts

Starzplay Acquires Max Ken Watanabe’s criminal thriller from HBO’s Tokyo Vice

Another HBO Max criminal thriller vice tokyo travels to the Starzplay streaming service in Europe. The Starz broadcaster has acquired rights in Austria, Germany, German-speaking Switzerland, Ireland and the UK, and two episodes will be released on Sunday, May 15th. The Endeavor Content series, written by UN Rogers, is freely based on the work of American journalist Jake Adelstein. Tokyo Metropolitan Police in the late 1990s. It stars Ansel Elgort as Adelstein and Hiroto Katagiri, a detective leading Jake through the neon dungeon of the city.

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DAZN Hiring Alice Mascia, former CEO of Sky Mergers and Acquisitions, to play a key role in Europe

Sports entertainment broadcaster DAZN has hired former Sky Deutschland CEO Alice Mascia as CEOs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He will join from 1 May to oversee a strategically important region where the DAZN has rights to the German Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League, the Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga. DAZN’s management has been replaced in recent months following the appointment of Shay Segev as group CEO. Mascia was accepted early as Bosco Aranguren was appointed to lead Spain and Franco Bernabè and Stefano Azzi were appointed to oversee Italy.

History Download Vice and Paramount + MH370: The Last Flight

The history of the cable channel lies between the three Paramount + buyers and the upcoming SBS three-part document MH370: Lost Flight (working title). TV2 in Denmark and Viaplay (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and the Baltics) also picked up a three-part series that Vice Distribution launched this week on Mip TV. MH370: last flight The families of the victims are watching over the unexplained disappearance of a Malaysian airline flight in 2014. March. Paramount + originally commissioned the document to be produced by The Vice World News in collaboration with Australian public broadcaster SBS.

Paramount Pluto TV adds UK channels from A + E Networks to its FAST streaming service

Paramount’s free streaming service Pluto TV has added several channels from A + E Networks UK. Inside Crime UK and Mystery TV are the latest channels launched by FAST, which currently offers more than 1,000 channels worldwide. Inside Crime will offer flavors Crimes that have rocked Britain and The darkest taboo in Britainand Mystery TV will include a series of William Shatner’s supernatural secrets strange or how.

Film and television VFX House Misc Studios opens in London

The new London effects house is Misc Studios, introduced this week by post-production veterans Adam Luckwell and Michael Elson. The company, located north of the Soho post-production center, is already working on an Amazon drama. RiggingLucasFilm Trapper’s Keeper and Disney + European original Nautilus. Lucwell and Elson, who also head the advertising publishing division, plan to lead a variety of farms with a culture that is future-oriented, sustainable and prosperous.

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