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Singer Stefanie Sun has a younger sister, Sun Yanmei, who is 6 years younger. She holds a Master of Medicine degree from the National University of Singapore and is currently working as a doctor. Because the two sisters look alike, they are often mistaken for one another. But the day before her birthday, Sun Yanmei dropped a shocking bombshell and announced that she and someone else were no longer sisters. Although she didn't mention her by name, she seemed to be talking about her sibling relationship with Stefanie Sun.

“On the eve of my birthday, I want to say a few words to people who know me,” Sun Yanmei (5) posted on Weibo today, revealing that since 2019 the relationship with someone was very weak, despite various attempts. . methods over the past three years. She communicated in various ways, but it still didn't make any difference, and she felt tired. She admitted that she had been living in the shadows for more than 20 years. “It wasn't easy before, but now, starting today, I just want to find a way out.”

Sun Yanmei said that she no longer maintains a sisterly relationship with anyone and does not want to engage in fan discussions and speculations. She believes that not everyone has it easy. She just wants to live a quiet life. “The first half of life is not easy. Please give me the other half of my life. “Take personal rights to your life and define yourself.”

Sun Yanmei sincerely apologizes if she has done anything wrong as a sister in the past 40 years. When it comes to the harm that others have done to her, whether intentional or not, she hopes that one day another person can learn from it and find peace. My sincere apologies to others.” “I give ten thousand thanks to those who understand me. I wish each of you a hearty healing this year and a fulfilling and happy life.

Sun Yanmei mentioned Jolin Tsai's fans. (Photo/Reproduced from Weibo)

After the post was published, most fans supported her decision, but some of Jolin Tsai's fans took the opportunity to slander her via private messages, which Sun Yanmei silenced. However, some people clarified, “Jolin Tsai fans will never do such boring things” and “I just hit the other side without knowing if he is a Jolin Tsai fan.” » They find Sun Yanmei's words and actions terrifying.

Internet users left messages.  (Photo/Reproduced from Weibo)
Internet users left messages. (Photo/Reproduced from Weibo)

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