Supplementary pensions will be increased by 4.9% on November 1.

On the night of Wednesday, October 4, to Thursday, October 5, employee unions and employers agreed to increase additional pensions by 4.9% in line with inflation. Three employers’ organizations (Medef, CPME, U2P) and five representative trade unions (CFDT, CGT, FO, CFTC, CFE-CGC) met to agree on the management rules applicable on November, for the period from 2023 to 2026. They have yet to sign the agreement reached overnight.

From 1, the “malus”, a temporary reduction of 10%, which since 2019 applies to the pensions of many pensioners who left after fulfilling all the conditions set by law, will be In December – for new pensioners, then from April – for all relevant pensioners, they specified. The punishment was intended to encourage employees to work for another year. Otherwise, their pension was reduced by 10% for three years. The bonus was awarded for two to four years of additional work. It will be kept for those who are not affected by the reform.

Without providing definitive comments on the agreement, several organisations, including Medef and CFDT, said he found it “balance”. The CGT, CPME and FO showed more reservations while welcoming the progress. The deadline for signing the contract was set for Wednesday.

Managed by the social partners, Agirc-Arrco pays more than 87 billion euros to thirteen million pensioners every year. This additional part is 20% of the total pension for precarious workers and 60% for certain managers.

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According to the draft agreement, between 2024 and 2026, the revaluation of pensions could be smaller: depending on the economic situation, the increase could be insufficiently indexed by a maximum of 0.4 points below inflation. But the combined entity’s board of directors can choose to bring it back to inflation.

“We refuse to sign a check to the government”

Even before the start of the meeting, on Wednesday at 15:00, the social partners already agreed on one thing: the refusal of the government to pump out the system, which FO negotiator Michel Beaugas considers unsuccessful. “appropriation”. “We are all resisting. We refuse to sign a check to the governmentsummarized Christelle Thieffinne (CFE-CGC) during a break in the session. If we open that door, paritarianism is dead. Employers are aligned with trade unions and this will make us strong.she rejoiced.

The executive is demanding from Agirc-Arrco 1 to 3 billion euros every year until 2030, which it first presented as participation in the increase of the minimum contributions (small pensions) provided for by its pension reform to finally refer to the obligation “solidarity” between modes to “Return to Balance” overall. Otherwise, he threatens to go to the box office.

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He argues for the good financial position of the regime, its 68 billion euros in reserves and the new revenues generated by the pension reform (Agirc-Arrco estimates them at 22 billion over fifteen years).

According to the unions, such an exodus would threaten Agirc-Arrco and its ability to increase pensions. According to a source close to the matter, €1 billion is equivalent to a 1.1% revaluation. The plan also operates on the golden rule, which requires six months of advance payments to be held in reserve over a fifteen-year period.

“Agirc-Arrco is at risk of disappearing”

The social partners have chosen not to include anyone in their contract “Financial pipeline for the country”. But one article covers the measures “solidarity” CPME regretted to the press that this article does not directly apply to small pensions.

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“Despite pressure from the executive during these negotiations, the social partners moved forward togetherrejoiced Medef negotiator Diane Milleron-Deperrois. We have a balance between preserving the purchasing power of retirees and the financial sustainability of the plan over time”deal “independently”. “If the government continues, it will have to[it] take responsibility for it”she added.

Along with the social conference from October 16, organizations will “enough space for the Prime Minister to express himselfunderscored, for his part, Mr. Beaugas. Maybe she will listen to reason. »

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“We are looking for an eight-party agreement because the situation is serious. Agirc-Arrco is in danger of disappearing., Denis Gravouil (CGT) had judged earlier. The government has the means to drain the system thanks to the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS), but in the face of this unity, “He may not have the majority to do it”he hopes

In Echoes tuesdaythe president of Medef, Patrick Martin, refused that the state “take the lead, as he has already partially done at Unédic”.

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