Surprise winner in the Kentucky derby

To everyone’s surprise, Rich Strike, who had the best bets on the bookmaker, won the 148th Derby in Kentucky on Saturday at Churchilldown.

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This is one of the biggest milestones in the history of the hugely popular Triple Crown event. At the start of the race, 80 against 1, Rich Strike pushed in the final meters to get ahead of Epicenter, which had previously held the lead over Zandon.

The winner crossed the finish line after 2 minutes 2.61 s.

It was Venezuelan jockey Sony Leon who rode a beast from Kentucky. It is also the consecration of trainer Erik R. Reed, a veteran of horse racing.

“I fell when he crossed the wire, I almost fainted,” Reed told NBC Sports. I am so happy in the EU! That’s why everyone gets involved. We shouldn’t have been there, but I knew the horse liked the track, and it’s been very good all year.

His father accompanied the teacher to this touching hot interview. The venerable Herbert R. Reed, who had held the same position for more than 50 years, held his tears.

“It’s incredible … I can’t explain it. That’s incredible, “he said.

“We could never, ever, ever have imagined a victory. A year and a half ago we talked about it: we would never have competed with a horse that is not ready or in good enough shape. We knew he could [se qualifier] because the longer he ran, the better he was, ”said animal owner Rick Dosson.

According to the ESPN network, Rich Strike is only the second horse to win the 20th goal in the Kentucky derby. Big Brown did the same in 2008.

One of the race favorites “Messier” lacked energy at the end of the track, so he finished in 15th place. The horse was named after Mark Messier, a former national hockey league player.

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