SWIMMING: SPEEDO® unveils its extraordinary Fastskin wetsuits

Fastskin suits have a coating developed with Lamoral ® Space Tech technology, inspired by materials used in space exploration.

It’s a brilliant upgrade to the world’s fastest wetsuits, supporting Fastskin’s long-standing reputation as the ‘choice of champions’. The best products get better before 2024 is a big year for Speedo.

Speedo’s revolutionary Fastskin® LZR® Intent and LZR Valor suits enter a new dimension with the introduction of new editions developed by the brand’s research and development center Aqualab® and incorporating Lamoral’s ®️ Space Tech technology. Building on Lamoral’s world-class experience, the new suits have better hydrodynamic properties than their predecessors, allowing athletes to achieve optimal performance during competition. To produce the LZR Intent 2.0 and LZR Valor 2.0, Speedo worked closely with Lamoral, whose coatings were originally developed for use on satellites. In collaboration with Lamoral, a suit has been created that has the lowest water absorption and the most durable water repellency of any Speedo product. The innovative material used is also lightweight and gives a weightless feeling reminiscent of the company’s space origins.

The new designs were developed at Speedo’s research and development center Aqualab by a team of experts in textile technology, apparel engineering, sports science, computational fluid dynamics, testing protocols and design. The Aqualab team once again drew inspiration from space travel, as with the 2008 LZR Racer, which was designed with the help of NASA, which became the suit that changed the course of space history. swimming. The first Fastskin LZR Pure Intent and LZR Valor wetsuits were introduced in 2019 and are a trusted choice for swimming champions such as Caleb Dressel, Emma McKeon and Adam Peaty. Since then, athletes wearing these suits have broken 52% of individual world records in swimming, including 75% of world records set in 2023. Speedo’s Fastskin technology also experienced its moment of glory at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 with 61% gold. medals and 49% of all medals won in a Speedo suit.

Focused on evolution rather than revolution, the improved suits allow athletes to continue to enjoy the familiar feel of their current suits as they prepare for a crucial year, while enjoying the benefits of the new material, which could be game-changing. in the most important moments. The new Fastskin LZR Intent 2.0 and Fastskin LZR Valor 2.0 combine innovative new technologies and carefully placed materials to make them the perfect suit for competitive swimmers of all types. The Fastskin LZR Intent 2.0 uses a clever fusion of three zones of textured fabric with bonded seams and dual compression panels in the target areas to profile position, increase power and reduce drag. The Fastskin LZR Valor 2.0 now benefits from water repellency that lasts six times longer, with compression for freedom of movement, stability and support.

Simon Brecon, Senior Vice President of Speedo, commented: “Our new development with Lamoral supports Aqualab’s mission to push the boundaries of wetsuit design through our innovative approach. This improvement is based on science and takes into account feedback from professional athletes and club swimmers around the world, retaining all the features that make Speedo Fastskins the fastest wetsuits, to further improve the world’s best. “In preparation for the Paris Olympics, our mission was to provide improved suits based on the success of the LZR Intent and LZR Valor. Thanks to our collaboration with Lamoral and our collaboration with their Space Tech technology, we have increased the water repellency to offer a new, unique suit. » Caleb Dressel (USA) added: “Shine, you’ve somehow improved what was already the best. I feel fast when I wear it! When I’m on the blocks I have confidence and I know the combination will help me. This is my Speedo suit. Emma McKeon (AUS) also shared her opinion: “The Speedo LZR Intent 2.0 is very flexible, with enough support where it’s needed. I feel really free in my movements and it seems that the water does not stick to the suit, it actually slides. It’s the best race suit in the world, it feels fast and I can’t wait to wear it. »

The new suits mark the start of a new chapter in Fastskin’s history, which began with the original sharkskin-inspired suit in 2000 and has since built an outstanding reputation for its innovative technology in the field. swimming while being ubiquitous in pools for over two decades.

The new Fastskin LZR Pure Intent 2.0 and Fastskin LZR Pure Valor 2.0 wetsuits have been approved by World Aquatics and will be available for purchase from November 15, 2023 by ordering at https://fr.speedo.com/Fastskin.list.

Speedo worked with world-class athletes in the research, development and testing of the Fastskin LZR 2.0, including Adam Peaty (GBR), Tom Dean (GBR), Matt Richards (GBR), Duncan Scott (GBR), Tatiana Schoonmaker (SA). ), Benedetta Pilato (ITA), Caeleb Dressel (USA), Ryan Murphy (USA), Regan Smith (USA), Abbey Weitzeil (USA), Emma McKeon (AUS), Kaylee McKeown (AUS), Ariarne Titmus (AUS), Zach Stabley-Cook (AUS), Elijah Winnington (AUS), Kylie Massa (CAN) and Maggie McNeal (CAN).

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