Taka Ramen: a new place for delicious ramen in the south of Amsterdam

A few weeks ago it was Taka Ramen opened next to Gelderlandplein on Willem van Weeldammelaan in the south of Amsterdam. Owner Taka brought his passion for ramen from Japan to the Netherlands. And of course, we couldn't wait to try his ramen for ourselves!

From Japan to the Netherlands

Taka's journey began in 2008 when he arrived in the Netherlands. He soon realized that you couldn't find good ramen in Amsterdam (at that time). After a year, he returned to Tokyo and worked there in various restaurants. In 2012, Taka returned to the Netherlands, started selling ramen and improved his recipe every year. It has now opened its second location in Amsterdam. We visited the newly opened Taka Ramen in Amsterdam South.

Upon entering, you are greeted by a warm and cozy interior with lanterns, Japanese paintings and Japanese toys. It's like you've stepped into another world for a moment.

Gyoza, Ramen and Mochi

The menu includes a variety of Japanese (and Asian) dishes such as ramen, gyoza, yakisoba, karaage, takoyaki, kimchi and edamame. We had Tori Gyoza as a starter. They are ravioli filled with chicken, cabbage and chives. Super tasty crunchy and creamy combination. Then we had ramen. Taka Ramen's various ramen options are served with noodles, kimchi, beni shoga (ginger), tamago (egg), wakame (seaweed), negi (scallion), and corn. We opted for the Miso Ramen, a slightly spicy miso-based ramen with chicken and pork broth. We also opted for the Veggie Ramen, a vegetarian, animal-friendly ramen with miso as a base. Both are recommended!

We had Mochi Aisu to end the evening. They are Japanese rice cakes filled with ice cream. We tasted three different flavors: mango, vanilla and matcha, a delicious combination for dessert!

Trail Ramen in Amsterdam South

Taka Ramen In the south of Amsterdam, there is a cozy restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious snack, a quick snack or a hearty meal. Enjoy the delicious flavors of Taka ramen and imagine yourself in Japan, in the heart of Amsterdam!

Taka Ramen
Willem van Weeldammelaan 4, Amsterdam South

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