Tattooing: New and Crazy Trends – Karine Ferri documents

From “animated” tattoos to tattoos that can be seen at night, including “surprise tattoos” and not forgetting a portrait of your animal inked into your skin… In this document, Karine Ferri takes us through the new tattoo trends that keep getting crazier and crazier. ! The tattoo tribe is gaining more and more followers every day. It has become a real social phenomenon, which is why today almost 1 in 5 French people are tattooed. According to tattoo artists, women prefer small, discreet tattoos hidden behind the ear or on the inside of the arm. On the other hand, men more often choose very large tattoos that cover the entire arm or even the back. However, in order to stay ahead of the trends, some take on increasingly crazy and original projects. Like Stella, whose new tattoo will benefit from a unique technique in the world: animated tattooing. Or Jérémy, who studied a very specific art in Asia: magical tattoos. It is a technique that should empower the person who wears it to succeed in their projects. Another very popular trend: animal tattoos. Mandy is so crazy about her little dog that she decided to etch her portrait in leather down to the last hair. Each time a tattoo tells a little about the life of the person who wears it, so when the result is not to his liking, the dream can turn into a nightmare. This is the case of Noémie, a young mother who experiences the ordeal of a portrait of her son, which she considers a failure. Today, she has only one thought: to cover up this tattoo. It won’t be as easy as expected… Immerse yourself in the colorful world of tattoos with Tattoo: More and more crazy new trends!

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