Taylor Swift has received another defense from within the sports world

Like it or not, 2023 was undoubtedly the year Taylor Swift entered the NFL scene.

The pop star, of course, started dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and quickly became a fixture at his games. This started something of a chain reaction. Every weekend, the sports world awaited her arrival at the stadium. We would then see reaction shots of Swift during the game before any follow-up stories emerged. Sometimes they were about what she and Kelce planned for the future; other times it would be a hoot about the stadium interaction.

Either way, Swift has been an inescapable presence in the NFL landscape. And that didn't please everyone.

For example, football fans were initially upset because of cut-outs and references to someone not directly involved in the game. Those critics won't let go, even though Swift's on-camera time has decreased over the course of the season. The superstar also spoke about those feelings, making his now famous “Dads, Brads and Chads” comment. And lately, things have escalated into conspiracy theory territory.

While you might expect the sports world to be critical — hot shots are part of the talking head landscape — there have been some notable defenders of Swift. NBC's Mike Tirico talked about the inclusive nature of her portrayal on NBC broadcasts, and ESPN's Stephen A. Smith said it wasn't her fault she was portrayed.

Now he has two more big sports names in his corner.

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with Taylor Swift after a 17-10 win over the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday. Swift has earned some strong defenders in the sports media.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

“I'll look right into that camera. If you yell at you.” [Taylor Swift] she says she destroyed [football]”You're just a loser,” former NBA player and current analyst Charles Barkley told CNN. You can be A or B.”

Bob Costas, a longtime NBC sportscaster who has called football a lot during his career, also weighed in.

“You know what? When it comes to the Super Bowl, where a lot of people who don't watch football all year will double the audience for the conference championship, halftime entertainment is part of that,” he said.

He continued: “A lot of it is commercials. So for people, all of a sudden, because they don't like something about Taylor Swift — either they don't like Chiefs or they think maybe Taylor Swift isn't a Trumper, then they get upset about Taylor Swift. I can guarantee you that all this news on Fox News wouldn't be happening if she had a MAGA hat on. They'd love it.”

Newsweek reached out to Fox News via email for comment on whether Swift's political affiliation affects the network's coverage.

But that wasn't Swift's only big defense from the sports world. On Wednesday, Colin Cowherd questioned why the presence of a pop star was a problem, while the appearance of male celebrities such as Drake, Eminem or Jack Nicholson was not. A radio presenter called it “really strange, lonely and insecure men”.

“We're celebrating all this table-jumping nonsense in Buffalo and cheese hats and men and men and Matthew McConaughey and Drake and Jack Nicholson,” Cowherd said. “Men and men and men and Eminem, and that's cool. And 'Can I take a selfie?' And 'I can't believe I saw…' And a young, attractive, beautiful, talented woman comes in for 25 seconds and you're worried.

“Again, judge people by the stupid things that bother them. This doesn't say anything, this anger. It doesn't say anything about Taylor Swift. It says everything about the men who are bothered by it,” he said.

This clip has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) and had more than 2 million views by Friday morning.

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, one thing is for sure: we're only going to get more shots of Swift in the coming days.