Tech News: Deloitte Launches DARTbot AI to Help Professionals

A business technology solutions company Network at work has purchased PMO solutionsValue Added Reseller in Newport Beach, CA Sage Intacct and Sage 100 software. PMO Solutions customers will have access to Net at Work resources, in addition to PMO Solution's technical staff, to help meet the technology needs of their organizations. … iDenfy, a Lithuania-based identity verification, compliance and fraud prevention center, has partnered with Inventyv, a global web and mobile app services provider best known for its professional tax solution, MyTaxPrepOffice. iDenfy's know-your-customer software will ease the onboarding process for MyTaxPrepOffice users looking for tax preparation. … Wooda provider of accounts payable automation and expense management solutions partnering with a global recovery audit service provider, Catalyst, representing the first step in the recovery of AP's audit profits. … Provider of tax compliance solutions Avalara has partnered with Oracle NetSuite to help customers simplify invoicing with the release of NetSuite eInvoicing powered by Avalara. NetSuite will connect to Avalara's global API to fulfill email invoicing mandates including digital signatures, QR codes and tax authority permits and approvals. Users can also access email invoice exchange networks and government platforms, while organizations can connect to national and international networks such as Peppol, as well as government e-mails. invoicing platforms directly from NetSuite. … Compliance software manufacturer Owls has partnered with Zuora, a monetization suite for modern enterprises, to help global businesses fulfill their e-invoicing mandate directly through Zuora. The new partnership with Sovos enables Zuora's customers to leverage a solution related to local e-commerce. invoicing regulations; comply with country-specific templates, tax management reports and e- options for archiving invoices; automatically transfer billing information from Zuora to Sovos to generate e-mails bills; and expand into new markets with pre-integrated e-mail invoicing solution as well as leverage Zuora's existing 40+ pre-integrated payment gateways and multi-currency support. … Versapay, which provides payments and collaborative accounts receivable solutions, is the first NetSuite partner to support NetSuite Pay, an embedded finance service that enables businesses to accept card payments and reduce manual receivables processes. Powered by Versapay, NetSuite Pay by NetSuite extends NetSuite. Enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and SuiteCommerce solutions to help businesses process payments. NetSuite Pay, powered by Versapay, offers pre-negotiated rates and fees to NetSuite customers and helps customers apply for and sign up for new merchant accounts.

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