Tech revolution: India, US plan to put people at center of tech revolution, says Eric Garcetti | Indian news

NEW DELHI: Fosters technology partnerships, US Ambassador Eric Garcetti India and the US are creating a vision of technology that connects and protects people, not divides and harms.
Speaking at the TechSurge: India’s Deep Tech Transformation conference, Garcetti said India and the US are committed to putting people at the center of the technological revolution. “There are no two nations in this world that can do this work better together, filling each other’s weaknesses with each other’s strengths and setting a model of what it means to implement the democratic values ​​that put people at the center of this work.” technological revolution,” He said.
“When it comes to technology, I really believe in my heart that as we showed at the G20, with India leading and giving the voice of the Global South and America’s leadership among our allies and the developed world that when we speak each other’s languages, we can really translate to the world our ambitions, our aspirations for peace, prosperity, our planet and our people,” he added.
Garcetti said India and the United States are developing a different vision of technology than those governments that have used it to oppress people. “Technology that unites us instead of dividing us. Technology that protects us instead of harming us. Technology that, instead of making us less healthy, identifies some of our biggest challenges and solves them,” he said.

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