Entertainment-seeking consumers increasingly crave convenience, choice, and original stories, and are moving away from traditional TV in favor of streaming. in 2022 According to a study by eMarketer, the number of users of video platforms in France will exceed 44 million this year, and in 2025 should approach 45.5 million, or more than 65% of the population. As the quality of content offered by streaming platforms increases, awards for certain programs are accumulating, with series such as The Amazing Mrs. Maisel, The Last of Us, and The Lord of the Rings standing out as captivating more and more viewers.

Flow in mind

Subscription streaming services like Amazon Prime are changing the way people consume movies, TV and video on demand. Prime Video reaches viewers where they are, giving them access to an extensive catalog of content from live sports to award-winning original series. With more than 200 million subscribers connected to Prime, brands have many opportunities to reach passionate consumers at the most opportune moment. In fact, the gradual decline of the linear TV audience is leading brands to shift their advertising budgets to streaming: in 2021 advertising spending in this channel increased by 57%, and the total worldwide amounted to 15.2 billion.

Reinventing TV

Content evolves; as well as user interaction with technology. Amazon Fire TV is designed to reinvent the TV experience by combining the power of Alexa with Ambient Intelligence, a technology that connects devices and services in the home to deliver a multitude of features. Brands thus have the opportunity to integrate their advertising into the core of the consumer journey without interrupting it. When technology is able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of users and help them overcome old problems, that’s when magic happens.

“Our priority at Amazon is to provide consumers with the most satisfying and innovative experiences,” said Emma Gilmartin, director of Fire TV and Tablet EU. The feature carousel at the front of the Fire TV user interface supports six content items in a single tab. Ads appearing in the Feature Carousel are for entertainment advertisers only. Our customers love this feature because it allows them to instantly see content and click directly into the app. »

Rely on communities

Twitch is another example of a change of use. This live video service broadcasts content in various fields such as gaming, sports, entertainment, music, cooking and many more. More than 31 million people join the platform worldwide every day, and more than 8 million broadcasters stream live every month. Twitch allows users to chat with their audience during live streams, creating a loyal community of users.

At a recent Twitch conference, Adam Harris, Twitch’s Global Studio Head of Brand Partnerships, UK Twitch Ambassador, and entertainment broadcaster Ebonix talked about how the Generation Twitch community, made up mostly of Gen Z and Y, is naturally drifting away from the general content. which is too smooth and polished and moves towards much rawer, more realistic and authentic entertainment.

In order to create a more immersive and engaging experience, Ebonix explains that it regularly invites its audience to actively participate in streaming programs to create a more immersive and engaging experience. Audience engagement includes the use of a “polls” feature involving multiple-choice games directly linked to broadcast content. “I ask them to make all the decisions to make sure they’re part of the game and that whatever happens, I can blame them,” she jokes.

For brands, Twitch opens up new opportunities to connect with a young, passionate and always authentic audience. When spending hours online, these streamers have no choice but to be themselves, and the Twitch community expects the same from brands. Ebonix offers to get to know the broadcaster and “work fully with the content creator” to engage the audience in their campaigns. This ensures that everyone, from the brand to the broadcaster to their community, is working towards the same goal.

2023, the year of connected TV

For some brands, this is just a starting point. Samsung’s relationship with Amazon Ads has continued to evolve in recent years through their agency Starcom, which is constantly revising its approach and strategy, as evidenced by the creation of a new division dedicated exclusively to streaming.

“The pandemic has really caused a seismic shift in viewing behaviour, I think we’ve all seen the evolving curves that illustrate this phenomenon,” says Sophie Barr, head of paid media at Samsung One Publicis Team. According to the latter, until recently connected television essentially complemented traditional audiovisual broadcasting. But that quickly changed. “The tremendous growth of streaming, especially among younger audiences, which is strategically important for Samsung, cannot be ignored.”

Sophie Barr 2023 is the year Samsung’s customers start using the connected TV on a large scale. “Content is now on par with traditional broadcasters’ offerings, and connected TV will become a pillar for most advertisers rather than a stand-alone strategy.” »

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