The best news from the 2023 debates – voting

2023 was a turning point for Eurofootball when it received a new design after more than 15 years. It was a big change that many regulars are still dealing with today. But what doesn't change is our New Year's Eve tradition of voting for the best message from the past year's discussions. Will the fact that the selection is even worse than last year remain the same, or will it be one of the best crops?

This time, too, we selected a little more than 300 entries from countless articles with a larger number of laughter reactions, which were evaluated by the editors and a few selected users. The result is again a selection of 60 announcements for you to rate, from which we will select the best for 2023.

The marking remains the same as in previous years. You can rate each post on a scale of one to five. These are not points, but grades like in school, namely 1 the best, 5 the worst. Just click on the tag and it will be entered instantly. If you change your mind, you can also edit your rating, just click on another. We will close the marking and announce the results tomorrow evening.

There is also a small novelty, for each message in the lower left corner you will find a link that leads directly to a specific post.

A lot of good news didn't make it this far, but it shouldn't be completely forgotten. Just share them in the discussion…

I wish all our readers a pleasant entertainment and the best possible entry into the new year from me and the entire editorial team!

Georgie Collins

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