The closing night of the Carthage Festival: a real gift to the public

in the town of Khenchela on August 26-29. the 11th local music and song chaouies festival will be held, we learned on Sunday from the commissioner of the festival, Mohamed Alouani.

In a statement to the APS, this official said that this 11th edition, announced under the slogan “Chaouie Song, Ancestral Message”, will feature 16 artists and 8 groups and associations specializing in this authentic art genre. ..

Mr Alouani added that the event will also lead to a competition where around 25 young artists from the areas of Khenchela, Batna, Oum El Bouaghi, Tébessa, Biskra and Souk Ahras will compete for prizes. modern chaoui type song.

This local chaouies music and song festival, which will be held on August 26 At the Ali Souaihi Culture House in Khenchela, the opening ceremony will mark the first time with a choreographed show highlighting the history of the chaouie song, the work of an important group of local actors led by Dean
chaouie song by Abdelhamid Bouzaher.

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