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As if going back to school in the rain wasn’t depressing enough, this Friday, September 1, 2023, has now been classified as a black day for all fans of the series. The reason? It was on this date that Netflix just released season 3 (or part 5). Dissatisfiedwhich is none other than the last in this series.

An ending that begs questions Dissatisfied

Yes, although this Matt Greening animated comedy (The Simpsons), launched in 2018, is one of the best fictions on the platform, immersing us in a fantasy world as funny as it is original, while addressing important topics (anxiety, mental pressure, depression…), the managers finally decided to cancel it. The worst ? By doing this today, they don’t even give the creators/writers/actors a chance to say goodbye to the fans, which is the fault of the strike that is currently paralyzing Hollywood and preventing talent from promoting.

The cancellation is even more frustrating because it seems to have been decided by revenge (this season 3 only has one episode versus the previous two). Why? This is a detail that has not escaped observers. Matt Groening recently used his free time to restart this series. Futuramahis other cult creation on Hulu, a platform that competes with Netflix.

However, according to some rumors, this reboot project would not have exactly pleased Netflix. Where the leaders saw exactly Dissatisfied succession the simpsons Or Futuramathey would not have digested to see the creator return to his first love and delegate his work to the adventures of Bean, Elfo and Lucius when Dissatisfied was never expected to be a huge success.

A true conclusion and… still a living universe

The positive point, despite everything, is that even if this part 5 is therefore the last Dissatisfied, the creators still had time to finish the story perfectly. Also, without spoiling anything, you can already expect some real conclusions for everyone, but also some open doors, who knows, reboot in the future.

Also, for a little anecdote, know that Matt Greening recently used Season 8 Episode 6. Futurama (available on Disney+ in France) to die Dissatisfied. Way to prove to us that even canceled, this universe will continue to live on our screens one way or another !

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