The French national team will meet Morocco in the round of 16

This World Cup continues to con the prognosticators. After Brazil’s elimination, two-time world champions Germany are locked in a first-round draw with South Korea (1-1) on Thursday, August 3. This had never happened to one of the strongest nations in women’s football. And while everyone was waiting for the elimination round of 16 between the Germans and the Blues, first in Group F, Morocco, a newbie at this level, will finally face the Habs on Tuesday, August 8 in Adelaide, Australia.

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It is a real Moroccan feat (p. 72).e ranked by FIFA and coached by former FC Nantes international Reinald Pedros, who beat the Colombians 1-0. French-Moroccan Annissa Lahmari, a Guingamp player born in Saint-Clouve, scored in this historic qualifier in Hauts-de-Seine.

After a 6-3 success against Panama on Wednesday, the Blues were more likely to imagine a meeting with Colombia or Germany. But with this first round of the World Cup pitting humble teams against big names, they urged caution regardless of their next opponent.

“We want to go all the way”

“Whatever team is in front, it’s going to be of a high standard. You just have to give it your all. If we have to leave our hearts on the pitch, we will., launches defender Elisa De Almeida. Lyoness Selma Bača insists on the unpredictability of this tournament: “In this World Cup, anyone can beat everyone. We saw it with Jamaica, who eliminated Brazil. »

Ahead of this Thursday’s crucial matches, French midfielder Sandy Tolletti insisted he was not “no choice of opponent” to the next round of 16. “We wanted to finish first in our group and we want to go all the way. »

Having arrived in Adelaide in the early afternoon, the French footballers rested on Thursday. And they had not planned to watch two meetings that were to decide their future opponent. “We have dinner planned outside the hotel, maybe there will be games in the background, Sandy Tolletti said a few hours before Germany’s elimination. Tomorrow we will start analyzing the team we will face. »

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The Real Madrid player is careful not to be overconfident. A state of mind that will certainly not change with Morocco’s qualification surprise: “What happened to us in the group stage [match nul contre la Jamaïque et trois buts encaissés contre le Panama] we have to show that all matches will be difficult. This Round of 16 will be a brutal match where the slightest mistake can cost dearly. »

Against the Moroccans, who the French know very well, with eight players holding dual French-Moroccan citizenship (13 out of 23 are dual nationals), we will have to stay serious and avoid the mistakes made against Panama. “We will have to be solid defensively as the level will increase. We shouldn’t make any more mistakes like this.”warns Elisa De Almeida.


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This match between France and Morocco will also be the women’s version of the two countries’ opposition in the World Cup semi-finals in Qatar in December 2022. That time, Didier Deschamps’ Blues won 2-0.

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